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Translating research into patient benefits

National Institute for Health Research

NIHR Imperial BRC and the AHSC

The NIHR Imperial Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) exists to translate research findings into improvements in patient care and patient outcomes. NIHR Imperial  BRC covers the five hospitals of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and the multiple sites of Imperial College London.


Formation of the Academic Health Science Centre 

The Imperial Academic Health Science Centre (AHSC) was formed in 2007 as a partnership between Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and Imperial College London, following the merger of Hammersmith and St Mary's NHS Trust and the integration of the newly-formed trust (Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust) with Imperial College London. The Department of Health formally designated the Imperial partnership as an AHSC in 2009 following a six-month review process led by an international panel of medical experts. AHSC status has been awarded to just five partnerships in the UK, and designation signals international excellence in biomedical research, education and patient care.

The AHSC exists to channel excellence in research to provide world-class healthcare for patients. The aim is to improve the quality of life of our patients and local populations through taking discoveries that we make and translating them into medical advances (new therapies and techniques) and by promoting their application in the NHS and around the worlds in as fast a timeframe as possible.


Driving translational research through scientific excellence

Imperial College London is a world-leading university in biomedical sciences; its unique strengths in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and business (STEM-B) deliver innovative research findings across these areas. The university’s multi-disciplinary culture supports cross-faculty collaborative working, allowing investigators from different backgrounds and subjects to be involved in joint areas of biomedical research. The Imperial NIHR BRC provides the ideal environment for translating these innovative laboratory-based research findings through to the clinical setting, transforming scientific breakthroughs into life-saving treatments for patients.


Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust organisation

Clinical services at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust are divided into four Clinical Divisions listed below, each of which contains a range of specialties. These are


  • Medicine - Professor Tim Orchard, Divisional Director
  • Surgery and Cancer - Professor Jamil Mayet, Divisional Director
  • Investigative Sciences and Clinical Support - Dr Julian Redhead, Divisional Director
  • Women's and Children's - Mr TG Teoh, Divisional Director


Imperial College London organisation

The Imperial College London Faculty of Medicine is organised into six Schools, Institutes and Departments (SIDs), listed below.

  • Department of Medicine – Head: Professor Gavin Screaton
  • Department of Surgery and Cancer – Head: Professor Jeremy Nicholson
  • Institute of Clinical Sciences (including the MRC Clinical Sciences Centre) – Head: Professor Amanda Fisher
  • National Heart and Lung Institute – Head: Professor Kim Fox
  • School of Public Health – Head: Professor Elio Riboli

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