Does the NBA Have a Steroids Problem?

Does the NBA Have a Steroids Problem?
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Am I crazy, or is there at least just as much circumstantial evidence, if not more, of steroid use in the NBA than there ever was in Major League Baseball?

I’ll say first that I’m, at best, a casual NBA fan. I’m far more interested in baseball and the NFL than I am the NBA. That said, I have great memories of the 1980’s NBA, and then in the 1990’s respected Michael Jordan as much as any athlete in any sport and watched his playoff games along with the rest of the country. So I am interested in the sport and still manage to tune in for the big games and playoffs. But I will say this. Maybe this is just my lyin’ eyes, but my memories of Jordan make him look like a pipsqueak compared to the guys on the floor today.

As I watched Game 6 of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Orlando Magic series, I sat in disbelief as one player after another came to the foul line (where you get the best view of them) and their arms, shoulders, forearms and all, made Popeye look like Olive Oyl.

Now, I’m not going to name specific people because that is inherently unfair. It is completely plausible that at least one of the players I observed, with shoulders larger than their heads, are just simply built that way. But watch it yourself and make your own call.

These guys are naturally built? Really? Seriously? Human evolution is a powerful and undeniable force. But go look at the tapes in the archives o t he gangly Kevin McHale, the lean Robert Parish and the slightly doughy Larry Bird, who competed with the Lakers for basketball dominance in the 1980’s, and tell me that the players today look the way they do because it’s survival of the species.

Come on.

It wasn’t long ago that people thought steroids would only serve to bulk you up. The fact is, steroids help your endurance, your quickness, even your eyesight. And don’t get me started on human growth hormone, which clearly performs at least some of the ‘miracles’ that it is known for. The point is, I do not understand why baseball is scrutinized to the extent that it is while the NBA (and other sports) seems to get a total free pass.

Does anybody think that it’s out of the realm of possibility that NBA players have used steroids? I would dout that. And if we accept it as as a possibility, to what extent in the league has it spread?

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